Friday, 6 May 2011

Word of the Day

Ancient History has been an excellent source of new and exciting words for me over the past year. Much thanks to teachers Miss B and Dr. A for their fountains of knowledge on wordy stuffs. And much thanks to Harriet for her little insights (e.g. "no don't do that one for word of the day. It doesn't feel right." and "that's being blogged by you tonight.")

Today's Word:


To claim presumptuously; to attribute to oneself or someone else unfairly.

Sentence example: Augustus Caesar arrogated for himself all the powers of the senate. And then nobody noticed because they were all a bit dim in Ancient Rome.

And to add to that, I suggest you watch Monty Python's Life of Brian to demonstrate just how silly they were.

Just kidding I love Aug.

By Jess


  1. As a fellow ancient historian I can quite sincerely say my most favourite post ever. But I can't say I feel the same about Dr. A.

    Lots of Love Ella

  2. I love Aug too. He's such a dude.

  3. That's a really useful word!! Loving the Ancient History anecdotes!