Saturday, 4 June 2011

Words of the Day

At the moment I have just started reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and so far I have found five words (well, six, but I think I may know what 'vigil' means) which I shall share with you, as always, with great suspenseful gaps of a whole day in between each. Except for today because the first one is not really one to be used in everyday conversation.

Today's Word No. 1:


1. A printing process using an intaglio copper cylinder
2. A print made in this way
3. The section of the newspaper with pages printed in this way

Sentence example: Jess realised that the word 'rotogravure' was quite pointless for anyone except those in the printing or publishing business, so she decided to add another word to her post.

Today's Word No. 2:


1. A witty or ingenious saying
2. A short, satirical poem dealing with a specific idea and ending rather wittily.

Sentence example: Oscar Wilde's plays were filled to the brim with epigrams, making them as popular and enjoyable as they are today.

By Jess

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