Saturday, 26 March 2011

Word of the Day

I am so sorry folks that I did not post a word of the day yesterday. I was too tempted to post Friday. Meaning: Rebecca Black's failure. But I would never inflict the pain of that on anyone...

Anyway I thought I'd do a double whammy today since you missed out yesterday. The first is from the wordsmith otherwise known as Dr. Arnold, my Ancient History teacher, the other from Harriet, who is in my Ancient History class. Because classics is, in fact, beyond cool.

Numero Uno:


To do with catharsis.. Catharsis being the purging of emotions or tensions, usually via an art form such as writing or painting.

Sentence example: After every Ancient History lesson Dr. Arnold felt cathartic as his class was filled with too many crazy chatterers.

Numero Dos:


Fate or destiny.

Sentence example: It was Harriet's kismet to always do Ancient History forever and ever.

By Jess


  1. -thumbs up-
    I wonder of the existence of Kismet is a total lie?

  2. I am liking the Ancient History references :)

  3. I wonder if Miss Boone would give us all evil glares for not including her...